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10 Second Potato Salad


10 Second Potato Salad is a game that I submitted to the Potato Salad Jam, and was going to mimic a fairly common item-based flash game that used to be quite popular online. I worked on this entry in my spare time for 2 weeks, at the end of the jam I had a semi-functioning prototype that crashed after the first round of play. I felt bad about submitting a broken build to the jam, so in an effort to finish the game, I spent about 30 more hours (spread out over many weeks) making improvements to the artwork and code. Life events and major periods of disconnect between development sessions made me realize that I should put the project away to focus on other things.

Background Story

You’ve overslept on the day of a large family picnic, an event that has been on the calendar for weeks. As you leap out of bed you realize that you forgot to prepare the potato salad, your one responsibility. You now need to hastily prepare enough quality potato salad to feed the family, so you figure it’s time to get creative! What’s the quickest way to make potato salad? By blowing a potato through a chain-linked fence of course! You get the ingredients, some supplies from the garage, and head out to the back yard to prepare the best potato salad that you can in order to save the picnic!


There are four phases to this game:

1. Select your equipment

2. Launch the potato

3. Protect the potato

4. Apply the condiments

Player selects their potato cannon and condiment applicators (of which there are 3). As the round starts, the player has to pump fill the chamber of the potato cannon with fuel by repeatedly tapping the space bar. Once the chamber is full enough (or a timer expires) the potato is shot out of the cannon, at this point you take over as your trusty dog who runs along side the potato, protecting it from being eaten by birds and squirrels. You set off the condiment applicators at just the right second as the potato passes over them. Finally, the potato hits the chain-linked fence at the end of your yard and slices into a bowl. The quality of the potato salad is then score based off of the amount of condiments that you managed to apply, and the level of precision in the cuts of the potato. You are then given money to upgrade your cannon and condiment applicators and start the process over again until you’ve crafted the best potato salad.

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